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Sorry, the last part should be....as if I was perfect...hahaha

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A wonderful teaching in humility....

When I first read this part of the Meditations I couldn't believe that such thoughts could come from one of the most powerful men in the world at that time....

Truly inspiring and so applicable in today's world..... especially on the roads......

I can remember in my younger, lunatic years driving down a major highway near Sydney at 100 mph, windows open, stereo turned up to the max, just to see how fast my new car would go.... I'm lucky to be alive.....

So now, whenever I see someone carelessly driving on the road, I bring this up for reflection and check my tendency to start making harsh judgements, as I was perfect.....

Thank you...

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Excellent essay. Funny I was in a discussion about the Liver King the other day someone brought up his seven tenets of ancestral living. I thought it would be nice to something similar for us Stoics. And now we have ten! With a much better pedigree I might add.

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Thank you for the concise summary of these guidelines, I shall share to friends with attribution of course. I don't intend to proselytize, but sharing is a good way to crate accountability for myself in working towards these goals.

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Massimo, this is, as usual, really good stuff. You're the Substack genius--is there a way to cross-post this on my blog as a guest post? Not only do I really like it--go, MA--but it complements other stuff that I and other guests are saying. If I can do that and you're OK with it, tell me how and what the four-figure fee is, and away we go.

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